Unity Property Tax Calculator 2017


Enter your property's assessed value, and try changing the town's budget to see how it will affect your property taxes in 2017. You can look up the taxable value of your property in the tax commitment book.

When you reload this page, any changes you have made will disappear, so if you want to save your work, print a copy of the page before you close the window.

The editable numbers here are the amounts raised at town meeting. The actual budgeted amounts may be higher, with the balance covered by TIF, income, or surplus. I've attempted to make notes when the the budget committee has made recommendations to this effect. The school commitment and county tax fields are also editable, although these will not be determined at town meeting.

Please note that this calculator produces estimates and your actual property taxes will be affected by factors that are still unknown at the time that the budget is passed, including the school commitment, county tax, and state revenue sharing.

Value of my property:

Estimated 2017 property taxes: 1649.02

2016 raised 2017 raise (proposed) 2017
(my share)
Town Officials' Salaries 63185 52.25
Assessing Services 10000 8.21
ACO/CEO/LPI Incidental Acct 1000 .75
Administration Account
budgeted at $59,497.50, with $49,497.50 raised, and $10,000 appropriated from administrative fees
63750 36.94
Legal 3.73
2016 amount was raised at a special town meeting on 4/26/16
1552.17 1.12
Town Office Loan
Total budgeted amount is $39,497.26 with $10,000 being paid with proceeds from sale of old town office
29575 22.02
Fire Department Salaries 18700 15.52
Fire Truck Fund
The budget committee recommends $10,000, all coming from TIF. The select board recommends $20,000, with $10,000 coming from TIF, and $10,000 to be raised
10000 0
Fire Dpt Maint. & Operations 51800 38.66
Firehouse Loan Payment 40115.50 29.94
E-911 500 0.37
General Assistance 3700 2.46
Town Lights 8500 6.42
Unity Area Regional Recycling Center 18587.82 14.10
Penobscot Energy Recovery Co
Budget item is $80,000. $62,891.71 raised, $14,108.29 from MRC rebates, and $3,000 from sticker and dumpster fees.
85500 41.72
Landfill Monitoring and Maintenance 3630 2.71
Solid Waste Pickup
Budget item is $39,505.36. $25,000 from stickers and $14,505.36 from dumpster fees.
Recycling Pickup 9117
Septic Disposal Contract
2016 amount was raised at a special town meeting on 4/26/16
1050 0.78
Public Works - Summer Roads
the budget item is $480,000. From surplus: $179,102.71; From excise tax: $250,000; From State: $34,964.00; Raise $15,933.29
72,227.21 11.89
Second Roads Loan $750,000 42,180.40 62.97
Public Works - Winter Roads 212000 160.47
Public Works - Sand/Salt Shed 2000 1.49
Cemeteries Maintenance 18500 13.81
Kanokolus Beach/Recreation 3500 3.36
$2,730 is budgeted in 2017, which will be funded by TIF
Humane Society Waterville Area 3070 2.29
Broadreach Family & Community Services
requested $600
500 .45
The Game Loft
requested $300, Selectmen recommend $0
New Hope for Women
requested $830, Selectmen recommend $500
500 .37
SRLT 750 .56
Spectrum Generations 500 .22
Volunteer Regional Food Pantry 2000 1.49
requested $8,854, Selectmen recommend $4,500
4500 1.49
Midcoast Community Action
requested $1000, Selectmen recommend $500
Benjamin Berry Post #50 Flags 0.37
RSU#3 School Commitment
Not voted on at Town Meeting. The 2017 school commitment will not be known until after the Town Meeting.
1255302.00 936.94
County Tax
Not voted on at Town Meeting. 2017's number is based on an estimated 4% increase over 2016.
215053.79 166.93
2016 2017 (proposed) my taxes
Taxes raised at town meeting: 2265112 2209347.24 1649.02
tax rate:
mill rate = tax rate x 1000
0.01685 0.01649

my taxes (2016): 1685

Total tax value base (2016): 133979150

Source Notes

The 2016 allocations were sourced from town meeting minutes. 2017 allocations are based on the proposed budget as put forth by the Budget Committee. 2016 numbers for RSU #3 commitments and county taxes were confirmed with Kari Hunt. The school commitment amount is carried over to 2017 because I have no better guess as to what this value will turn out to be. The estimated county tax for 2017 is 4% higher than in 2016, based on conversations with Penny Picard Sampson. I've made every effort to double- and triple-check these numbers, but I can't claim to have an accounting background, so if any errors have crept in, I take responsibility and will correct them as soon as I'm made aware of them.

I'm estimating the tax rate by the following formula: (taxes raised + school commitment + county tax)/(total tax base 2016).

- Sarah Oliver